Wilderness Celebrates 40 Years of Pioneering Conservation Tourism


As Africa’s largest conservation and hospitality company, Wilderness is proud to celebrate 40 years of its pioneering, purpose-driven model across the continent.  At the same time, Wilderness marks its humble beginnings back in 1983 in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, with just two photographic safari guides, a Land Rover and a couple of tents.

“Our story is one of passionate protection and the unwavering commitment of ordinary people, pursuing an extraordinary calling”, noted Wilderness CEO, Keith Vincent.

“I have had the great privilege of leading Wilderness over the past few decades, and am continually awed by our collective – staff, partners, agents, stakeholders and guests alike – who are all driven by one purpose: To help save our planet and its wild areas through high-end conservation tourism”, he added.

Thanks to these collective efforts, Wilderness is making great strides to double the amount of land it helps protect by 2030. Forty years in, and the extraordinary Wilderness’ journey continues, with its sights on new areas, regions and opportunities – always searching for a ground-breaking way to increase its positive impact, and grow further conservation economies in Africa and across the globe.

“The world has certainly changed in 40 years, but when it comes to our purpose we are still driven by the same things – investing in precious wildlife, land protection, and community initiatives. Protecting our planet and its people. As we celebrate four incredible decades, we are humbled and proud to reflect on all the progress we’ve made”, Keith said.

It is for this reason that the dung beetle found its way into the Wilderness’ 40-year logo – found on six of the seven continents; in grassland, forest, desert, and woodland, dung beetles embrace a never-ending journey. Always moving. Working steadily toward a greater goal. Leaving the soil enriched, sowing nutrients; its daily rituals vital for species much larger than itself to thrive.

“Forty years in, and our journey continues. We now help to protect 2.3 million hectares of land, and our vision is to double this, and then double it again! We hope to do more, expand more, and direct our attention to all of Earth’s ultimate, untamed places. As we move boldly forward into the future, we look back fondly on our past, and all that’s happened on our 40-year journey”, Keith concluded.

Wilderness 40-Year Highlights:

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