The Greatest Thrills Await at Sea: Heart-Pumping Excursions Around the World

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Hassle-free holidays don’t get much better than hopping on board a floating resort packed with sun, sea, and exotic stops. But modern cruises also offer extraordinary “only at sea” adventures to make your getaway unforgettable. In short, a cruise will knock the socks off any adrenalin-seeking traveller!

Cruisers can experience exhilarating activities on and off the ship, from zipping around the onboard racetracks and sliding down impressive waterslides to embarking on helicopter tours and ziplining.

With a tagline of “the innovator in global cruise travel,” it made sense for us to consult Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) regarding their top adrenalin rushes at sea and in port.

Here are five top thrills awaiting on board:

Go-Karts at Sea

NCL’s Prima and Viva Speedway has a claim to fame as the first three-level go-kart racetrack at sea, spanning an incredible 419 metres. Zooming in electric go-karts reaching 50km/hr down straightaways and around hairpin turns, you’ll take in stunning scenery like Iceland’s waterfalls and Norway’s fjords. With a capacity for up to 15 racers, the entire family (height permitting) can join an exhilarating race – all at once!

Walk on Water

For a unique strolling experience and a subtler adrenaline rush, NCL’s newest duo, Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva, offer two glass-floored Oceanwalk bridges, allowing guests to walk over the open sea. These panoramic walkways provide breathtaking vistas from more than 4 metres above water – a must-try activity ideal for capturing those envy-inducing Instagram shots.

The Fastest and Tallest Slides at Sea

Think the best amusement park experiences are on land? Well, think again. Experience the fastest and tallest slides at sea on NCL’s duelling waterslides. Race down side-by-side twisting tracks with the highest g-forces at sea when sliding on The Rush. For a smoother ride, The Drop’s free-fall slide allows you to slide comfortably from the top of the ship down a stomach-somersaulting 10 stories.

A Virtual Adrenalin Rush

Galaxy Pavilion offers an AI adrenalin rush. This indoor theme park provides immersive virtual experiences like simulated thrill rides and games. Test your problem-solving in escape rooms, fly over the ocean, or swing virtual golf clubs. Experience this on board Norwegian Prima, Viva, Joy, and Encore.

Rock Climbing Over Water

Rock climbing is a great idea if you like a good workout with a decent dose of endorphins. Tune into your spidey senses by scaling climbing walls rising up to 12 metres over the ocean. NCL’s Encore, Prima, and other vessels offer novice to advanced climbing routes for daring over-water adventures.

Thrilling destination experiences to check out on land:

The Land of the Midnight Sun

Alaska is a true bucket list cruise destination, especially for South Africans making the journey to this unique corner of the globe.

“Our guests visiting Alaska are treated to a variety of immersive experiences through Southeast Alaska, visiting natural wonders including the Mendenhall Glacier and the passage through the 25-million-acre World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay National Park,” says NCL spokesperson Kevin Bubolz, Vice President & Managing Director Continental Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMEA). “NCL is proud to have been granted access to this natural wonder due to our environmental commitments focused on air emissions, waste, and wildlife protection,” adds Bubolz.

While the Northern Lights and midnight sun are Alaska’s two most sought-after sights, there are various ways for thrill-seekers to explore the area. From adrenalin-inducing glacial hikes to leisurely kayaks across mirror-like lakes, there’s something on the menu for every type of traveller, regardless of whether they’re in search of thrills or stress relief.

2 Must-See Alaskan thrills:

  • Helicopter tours to walk across glaciers – See Alaska’s massive rivers of ice up close and explore crevasses during treks only accessible by air. Popular when on a cruise visiting ports like Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway.
  • Whitewater rafting – Ride Class III and IV rapids through remote Alaskan river valleys surrounded by pristine wilderness and wildlife. Offered from ports like Juneau and Seward.

Sun Adventures in the Caribbean

  • Dunns River Falls climbing – Scale slippery rock tiers in cascading freshwater falls at this iconic Jamaican site, accessible from Ocho Rios.
  • Parasailing – Parasailing excursions allow cruisers to gently take flight behind a boat for panoramic vistas of island beaches and shimmering turquoise waters. Popular ports for these easy adrenalin rushes include Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

Classic Europe Rushes

  • Hiking active volcanoes in Italy – Trek trails along steep cones offering stellar views of erupting craters and flowing lava on select Mediterranean cruises.
  • Ziplining over Mediterranean forests – Glide on ziplines offering panoramic vistas of coastal Spain’s lush mountain woods near ports like Barcelona and Palma De Mallorca.
  • Undersea Submarine Tours – On select Caribbean and European itineraries, you can climb aboard submersibles for underwater tours 150 feet below the surface. Witness coral reefs, sunken ships, and marine life through panoramic windows in these high-tech individual or group subs.
  • New Zealand Bungee Jumping – Hurling yourself off a platform attached to a giant rubber band might seem crazy on land. But bungee jumping off New Zealand bridge or crane sites accessible on South Pacific cruises promises a euphoric adrenalin kick along with gorgeous scenery as you dangle and bounce.

From sky thrills to sea adventures, cruises unlock heart-pounding explorations across the world. By pairing exotic shores with onboard attractions, you’ll enjoy a balance of non-stop adventures and relaxation – and rack up plenty of stories to tell. Start planning your unforgettable sailing today to secure the greatest thrills awaiting at sea!