TAAG’s New Online Auction puts Business Class Upgrades in Easy Reach


TAAG Angola Airlines is making it easy for passengers to upgrade their seats through Plusgrade, an online auction tool that allows airline passengers across the globe to upgrade their tickets – for less. 

TAAG’s partnership with Plusgrade means that economy class or business class customers can browse for upgrades on their flight and submit a bid on any available seats. 

Passengers can bid up to 24 hours before departure, with successful bidders not only moving to the front of the plane – but also receiving all the benefits of the new Plusgrade Business or Plusgrade First class tickets, including increased baggage allowance, lounge access, priority boarding and more comfortable and spacious seats. 

Online seat auctions are becoming more and more popular, not only because it allows airlines to generate extra revenue on otherwise empty seats, but that it is a very simple way for passengers to secure an upgrade. Plusgrade puts business class seats in reach – passengers just have to name the price they’re prepared to pay for an upgrade – and a silent auction decides the rest. Overall, Plusgrade is an intuitive, easy-to-use system, a simple straightforward tool with quick user-experience. 

In a few easy steps, TAAG passengers can: 

1. Verify if any upgrades are available, and check their eligibility to enter the auction. 

2. Submit a value offer for an upgrade to a higher flight class. 

3. Pay for the offer by credit card.

Offers can be made up to 24 hours before the flight departs, and a customer’s credit card is only billed if their bid is successful. All eligible passengers are notified by email. If the bid is successful, your credit card will be charged accordingly, and a new boarding pass issued. If not, no money will be deducted, and your flight details will remain unchanged. 

The service is available to the majority of passengers complying with the terms and conditions in place. For example, codeshare tickets, promotional fare tickets, or unaccompanied minors will not be eligible for an upgrade. 

TAAG’s Upgrade Auction is now live. For more information, visit www.taag.com