Steadfast Africa

With African safari lodges spanning a multitude of different terrains, and varying greatly in size and style, selecting one can be a daunting, albeit exciting endeavour. As a relatively big investment, as far as travel goes, and with a fair amount of planning needed too, there’s a lot at stake when planning your first, fifth or even tenth safari. Having a travel specialist guide you is one of the best choices you can make in ensuring your final decision suits not only your budget and your interests, but also the occasion, and most importantly, who you’re travelling with. Whether you have small children and looking for accessibility and convenience, or are honeymooners seeking an intimate and low-key experience, and everything in between – 40ths spent with close friends in the bush or family milestones – an expert can matchmake you with your ideal destination.

With intimate industry knowledge and insight and a collective wealth within its team of experience, Steadfast Africa has a deep understanding of the nuances and unique aspects of each region and the benefits of every type of safari stay.
As your invaluable ‘ear to the ground’ the team is dedicated to help plan every step of your journey, from deciding on the ideal location, to the details that make each day memorable. Contrary to popular perception too, enlisting an expert such as Steadfast has no impact on cost, and could in fact make it possible to access rates you may not have been able to by booking independently.

“We are part of your team – for everything from travel logistics to pinpointing the perfect lodge or itinerary, and ensuring you get the best possible value through preferential pricing,” says Nick Sadleir, co-founder of Steadfast Africa. Through its passion for Africa, and memorable and personal travel within the continent, and strong industry relationships, Steadfast is able to take this approach to the next level, and fine tune its offering.

“It’s so important to understand what the traveller’s needs are, what they want out of their trip – whether that’s optimal relaxation, a premium food and wine offering, or access to adrenaline-inducing activities – so that we can pair people with the right property, as every place has a different personality and offering,” he adds.

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