La Paulee: A Wine Gathering Not To Be Missed

La Paulée

In May 2023, wine enthusiasts, sommeliers, and aficionados are invited to attend the 6th edition of “La Paulée,” hosted by Constance Hotels & Resorts. This extraordinary gastronomic week takes place from May 15th to 20th, 2023.

What is “La Paulée”?

“Paulée” refers to a French festival in Burgundy that celebrates the completion of the wine harvest. Drawing inspiration from this tradition, Constance Hotels & Resorts created this exceptional event, embodying the values of the group. The goal is to support its sommeliers in expanding their knowledge and achieving greater excellence. This yearly gathering has evolved into a genuine touchstone for wine lovers. La Paulée by Constance Hotels & Resorts unites renowned figures from the fine gastronomy world to conduct workshops and provide hands-on training for individuals in the wine industry.

Sharing and connoisseurs

Set against the stunning scenery of Constance Prince Maurice and Constance Belle Mare Plage resorts, numerous enthusiastic aficionados have eagerly imparted their wisdom. As in previous years, La Paulée’s Wine and Culinary Week will host distinguished winemakers, including Pierre Jean Villa (Domaine Devillard et Domaine Pierre Jean Villa), Charles Louis de Noue (Domaine Nouemarinic), Julien Shaal (Domaine Julien Shaal), and Donovan Rall (Domaine Rall).

At the heart of this exceptional gathering lies the emphasis on know-how, exchange and sharing. This momentous occasion presents a valuable opportunity for Constance’s sommeliers to benefit from enriching and informative training sessions. Additionally, Constance’s esteemed chefs will expertly craft a series of exquisite pairing dinners, showcasing the finest wines to further elevate the experience.

Planning of the dinners:

– Sunday 14th of May: Domaine Noue Marinic – Slovenia @ La Kaze (Constance Belle Mare Plage)

– Monday 15th of May: Domaine Pierre Jean Villa – Northern Rhone Valley, France @ Archipel (Constance Prince Maurice)

– Tuesday 16th of May: Domaine Donovan Rall – South Africa @ La Spiaggia (Constance Belle Mare Plage)

– Wednesday 17th of May: Domaine Julien Schaal – Alsace, France and South Africa @ Barachois (Constance Prince Maurice)

– Friday 19th of May: Domaine Devillard – Burgundy, France @ Blue Penny Cellar (Constance Belle Mare Plage)

– Saturday 20th of May: Gala of La Paulée @ Archipel (Constance Prince Maurice)

On Friday there is also the competition to decide the «Best Sommelier of La Paulée” which will take place at the Deer Hunter restaurant (Constance Belle Mare Plage).

The finale of this epicurean week will be an aperitif allowing the wines degustation and a delicious gourmet feast orchestrated by Chef Kritesh Halkory, twice winner of the Constance Festival Culinaire and winner of Bocuse d’Or Africa 2022 and Stéphane Labastide, finalist of the pastry world cup 2023 and executive pastry Chef of the hotel who will be sure to charm the taste buds of all the guests. The art of cheesemaking is also making its debut at the heart of the event for the first time with the presence of cheesemaker Jules Mons from the Mons house.

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