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If wine is part of your everyday life, it is good to have a go-to wine. A wine that works as a glass on its own but that is also versatile on the dinner table. One that is accessible and easy to enjoy but that will not disappoint when your connoisseur wine friends are over. Get all of this from the 2019 La Motte Millennium. Reliable, but never boring!

According to La Motte Cellarmaster Edmund Terblanche, this latest vintage of La Motte’s classic red blend offers raspberry (from the Merlot) and oak-derived English toffee flavours that combine in a harmonious way. They complement the slight herbaciousness (from the Cabernet Franc) and earthy aromas of beetroot and leafy undergrowth. The Malbec and Petit Verdot add subtle spice and contribute to the intensity of the wine’s colour. The palate is juicy with concentrated blueberries and a fresh acidity], while the finish is charming and lingers with an aftertaste of toffee and cinnamon.

An all-rounder when it comes to food combinations, La Motte Millennium responds very well to red meat and roasts. Its accommodating structure allows for mild curries and hard cheese and it is exceptional with creamy sauces and earthy mushrooms. 

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