Chanel – Spring 2024 Makeup Collection


THE COLOUR OF ALLURE The COMÈTES COLLECTIVE, led by Valentina Li, Ammy Drammeh, and Cécile Paravina, is deeply immersed in exploring the profound connection between colour and individuality. VALENTINA LI’S CHROMATIC OCEAN This season, the CHANEL makeup style will be blue. Blue, like the sea. Blue, like the mysterious depths of the ocean. But also orange, like vibrant corals….

31 Le Rouge by Chanel

31 Le Rouge

ONCE UPON A TIME, A revolutionary designer created a timeless yet modern style whose enduring relevance is an endless source of fascination. ONCE UPON A TIME, There lived a woman whose bold vision fueled a major shift in beauty techniques, habits, and attitudes. By marrying elegance and comfort and combining aesthetics and functionality in her…