Roche Bobois | Autumn-Winter Collection

Roche Bobois

The new Bombom collection, received with great enthusiasm at the most recent Milan Furniture Fair, will grace the Roche Bobois showrooms this fall. Designed by Joana Vasconcelos, the collection is still inspired by her “Crochet paintings”, at the crossroads of readymade art and Nouveau Réalisme. The artist has released new colour variations:
– The Outdoor version is dressed in ad hoc fabrics in pastel hues inspired by the azulejos (tiles) covering the façades of Lisbon buildings. The round, plump seats will continue to delight users in the open air. The sofa is matched with a new range of four “Sorvete” cocktail and occasional tables in fruity colours that conjure sorbets.
– A second extraordinary version is dressed in black and white, in an ultra-graphic nod to the world of luxury and haute couture.

A now-iconic piece in the Roche Bobois collection, the Bubble is upholstered in Câlin fabric this season. This version is revisited in a ‘70s teddy-style fabric: a long pile in olive, ocher and terracotta tones that is also found on the Astréa armchair and the Calisson bed. This upholstery truly transforms these pieces by highlighting their inviting comfort and plump, rounded angles. It required in-depth research, in particular to achieve the stretch properties required by these complex shapes. New releases include the Perle sofa and end unit by Bina Baitel, who also designed the Astragale collection. The highly elegant seats complement not only her new Réminiscence collection, but other collections in the range, too. Julien Vidame has revisited his superb Calligraphie desk – with its 3D, curved top in walnut plywood – as a cocktail table with clean lines. Lastly, the Deep bookcase marks Roche Bobois’ first collaboration with Italian designer Luca Papini. Units measuring 50 or 100 cm juxtapose full and empty spaces for a visual interplay highlighted by backlighting.

In terms of development, they remain firmly committed to international expansion. This year, Roche Bobois aims to open 14 new showrooms, including three in China and five in the United States. In October they will also reopen their historic showroom on Madison Avenue in New York, following renovations. And of course, they opened their first showroom in Sydney, Australia just two months ago – they are keeping an excited eye on this new chapter!