La Petite Ferme’s All-New Luxury Winery Suites

Winery Suites

After months of extensive renovations of what was previously an old Wine Cellar, La Petite Ferme’s five, all-new, luxury Winery Suites – like a butterfly emerging in full splendour from its cocoon – opened in December 2023.

Nestled on the slopes of the Franschhoek Mountains with spectacular views over the valley, the award-winning, luxury boutique hotel and wine estate’s stunning new Winery Suites boasts a contemporary, upmarket and on-trend interior and an exterior that, with just a touch of modernity, still reflects the remains of its previously Cape Vernacular style as a tribute to the heritage of the wine farm and the area. All the renovations, décor and finishings were individually selected and customised for each room. All the bathrooms feature top-end luxury fixtures and fittings and a ‘showstopper’ bath that occupies pride of place. This showstopper element is carried through and mirrored in the wallpaper of the bedrooms of the suites and each visually links to the name of the particular suite celebrating a La Petite Ferme wine label.

The five Winery Suites are named after five of La Petite Ferme’s wine labels. The Viognier and the Baboon Rock celebrate La Petite Ferme’s white wines, while The Verdict, The Variation and The ZA celebrate its red varietals.

  • Winery SuitesThe Viognier Suite – named after a white wine grape grown chiefly in the Rhône area of France…Franschhoek enjoys many similarities to the climate and terroir in the South of France and La Petite Ferme has built up a reputation of producing some of the finest examples of Viognier in South Africa.
  • The Verdict Suitea decision on an issue, an opinion or a judgement… this wine pays tribute to the Honourable Chief Justice JR Dendy Young, a man with integrity and high moral principles. La Petite Ferme acknowledges the efforts of his esteemed career and brave decisions he took against all odds.
  • The ZA Suite – a registered label name which celebrates South African wines with La Petite Ferme’s master wine maker Wikus Pretorius producing a limited quantity of this label each year.
  • The Variation Suite – the ‘variation’ is in La Petite Ferme‘s Rhône Style Blend – a variety of factors and creativity went into crafting this blend, and also links into La Petite Ferme’s owner being Swiss Lebanese with a variety of background and culture.
  • Baboon Rock Suite – this name originated as a result from the baboons visiting the estate from time to time and helping themselves to some of the estates finest fruit.

Each Suite has its own private balcony and there is a brand-new shared pool available for guests.

With sun-kissed interiors and light oak flooring the Winery Suites exude a tranquil charm. Bathed in natural light filtering through delicate linen curtains, this space offers a serene escape – perfect for those seeking curated simplicity and a peaceful retreat.

Together with the recently opened Winery Suites, La Petite Ferme’s luxury accommodation includes five Manor House Suites, also with a shared pool, and five luxury Vineyard Suites, each with a private plunge pool.

In addition to its accommodation, La Petite Ferme is home to an award-winning restaurant and produces world-class, hand-crafted wines.

Situated less than three minutes from the village of Franschhoek and with arguably, the best view of the Franschhoek Valley and a unique tranquillity, La Petite Ferme makes a perfect getaway for both summer and winter escapes.

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