Club Med Tinley – The Conquest Begins!

Club Med Tinley

Post the official announcement happening in September 2023, Club Med South Africa saw a record surge in sales reported since the opening of the season in October – doubling previous records. The collaboration between Club Med and Collins Residential Consortium continues to gain momentum as four representatives from Club Med France’s main team met with the Collins Residential team recently in South Africa to finalise detailed design and project roll out ahead of commencement next year. This marks a significant step forward in the Club Med Tinley project set to redefine the hospitality landscape within the region. With construction scheduled to kick off in January 2024, Club Med Tinley is poised to become a beacon of transformation, sustainability, and cultural integration for the beautiful province of KwaZulu-Natal. In the words of Murray Collins, CEO of Collins Residential, “Get ready South Africa – it’s really happening!”

The Next Steps

According to Collins, the teams are now focused on refining details and ensuring alignment with Club Med’s global best practices, local engagement, and a unique experiential approach to make it a game-changer in the world of luxury travel. This collaboration emphasises Club Med’s commitment to creating a resort that not only meets international standards but also integrates seamlessly with the rich heritage and diverse culture of South Africa.

“Since its creation in 1950, Club Med has been a pioneer in discovering new, exceptional destinations. With this new project, together with our partner, the Collins Residential Consortium, we aim to create value for local communities and contribute to the international prestige of the beautiful province of KwaZulu-Natal,” says Henri Giscard d’Estaing, President of Club Med.

Construction Milestones and Record Sales

With construction set to commence in January 2024 the teams are working diligently to deliver the vision of Club Med Tinley. According to Collins, during the construction phase of this exciting project, Collins Residential and Club Med will prioritise sourcing labour and materials locally, promoting the use of the majority of local resources.

Other items discussed during the recent visit by the Club Med team were aligning on waste management practices, including upcycling and recycling, that will contribute to the sustainability of the resort. Further to this, major insights were gleaned from the Club Med team’s experience on the daily operations and impact of the design of the actual resort to ensure it is designed for efficiency and that the resort functions in harmony with sustainable practices.

Club Med’s Unique Approach and Local Integration

Club Med has a history of highlighting the value and uniqueness of each destination, ensuring that every resort is built in harmony with its surroundings. Club Med Tinley will adopt a coastal garden theme and collaborate with local interior designers to incorporate South Africa’s diverse culture and rich heritage into the resort’s holistic design and ambience.

In terms of design, the brand new resort will be meticulously planned, going right down to granular details such as the selection of shower heads and types of doors used to enhance the overall operational efficiency. Locally based interior design companies will be taking the lead in terms of interior design, working closely with Paris-based interior designers to bring KwaZulu Natal’s local flavour to life.

Sustainable Practices and Collaboration Recognition

Landscaping is an integral part of the Club Med experience, viewed as equally important as the construction of physical buildings and spaces. According to Trenley Tilbrook, Collins Residential’s Development Manager for Club Med Tinley, the landscaping aspect of the resort will serve as a tool to elevate the consumer experience with a deliberate emphasis on creating a green and lush environment.

“The main aim is to immerse visitors in the lush greenery of KwaZulu-Natal throughout the year, providing a unique and memorable experience that goes beyond the built structures of the resort while aligning seamlessly with Club Med’s ethos that is centered around sustainable luxury. Club Med and Collins Residential are committed to aligning with global best practices for sustainability. In collaboration with Club Med, we are embracing global best practices for sustainability. Our focus extends to green accreditation and star ratings in line with recognised standards. This also extends to energy efficiency, where strategies for backup power, reduction of energy demands, and a diversified generator strategy will be implemented for optimal performance. Water management is a key focus too, incorporating environmental authorisation compliance with the reintroduction of treated water into wetlands, as well as effective waste management in environmentally sensitive areas like dunes and estuarine biomes,” explains Tilbrook about the project’s forward-thinking sustainability approach.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As Club Med Tinley gears up for ground-breaking in the first quarter of 2024, it’s clear that the project is not just about constructing a resort. It’s about creating a sustainable, culturally rich, and immersive experience for guests. This is reinforced by the Club Med and Collins Residential teams’ emphasis on landscaping, creating opportunities for local art exhibitions, and a deliberate approach to integration with the surrounding communities to make Club Med Tinley a beacon of transformation, empowerment, and sustainable growth that brings experiential tourism to the surrounding areas of KwaZulu Natal’s North Coast.

“With this project having been a long time coming, to see the significant milestones and progress being made since the official announcement took place in September is so encouraging. This latest trip and collaboration with our team and key Club Med France team members marks a positive and meaningful step forward with this project coming to life. We are so proud to be part of this catalytic project and to be working with another leader in their industry whose values and vision matches our own,” enthuses Collins.