A Coastal Revolution with Promising Prospects for 2024

Club Med

In the midst of a transformative year, the KwaZulu-Natal North Coast emerges as a hub of unprecedented progress in the property landscape. The canvas of this coastal paradise is evolving with strokes of innovation, community building, and sustainable growth, painting a picture that beckons investors toward a promising future. As we reflect on the strides made over the past year, including the global announcement of South Africa’s first Club Med resort, infrastructural upgrades, and notable property sales figures, we take a glimpse into what we can expect in the coming year.

According to the Rainmaker Marketing Property Report, the North Coast is making significant headway as one of the fastest-growing nodes in the country. Despite the Western Cape’s dominance in semigration, the report indicates that the majority of semigrators are moving from big cities to smaller towns and coastal areas. Reasons for this shift include, but are not limited to, safety, traffic, lower costs of living, and beautiful scenery. Among the semigrators heading to the North Coast, 77% are natives to the province, while 12% are from Gauteng, 6% from the Western Cape, and the remaining 5% hail from other parts of the country.

Renowned developer Collins Residential, who is at the forefront of this dynamic shift, has recently unveiled a grand vision for the eastern side of the N2 highway with a visionary mixed-use node. This expansive node is a testament to a thoughtful approach to urban planning. The future-forward master plan reveals a harmonious blend of convenience retail, motor car showrooms, mixed-use residential spaces, and wellness components. Possibly the most promising is the headway made into a new independent school for the area, by way of an educational campus catering to primary, secondary and even tertiary education at its final extent. Architectural guidelines promise an environment that is not only functional but also visually captivating. While further details on this endeavour are pending, developments of this scale are a clear indicator of a healthy local economy with many opportunities for investment.

Club Med Tinley’s Unique Coastal Theme

In a ground breaking initiative poised to redefine the region, Club Med together with Collins Residential have committed to establishing a unique new resort on the North Coast. More than just a coastal and safari retreat, it represents a commitment to job creation, economic growth, and casts an international spotlight on the North Coast.

Scheduled to commence construction in early 2024, the Club Med Tinley resort anticipates generating 800 direct jobs and 1500 indirect jobs, positioning the North Coast as a global tourist destination. Since the official announcement in September 2023, Club Med South Africa has experienced unprecedented sales in its South African region, doubling previous records. The recent collaborative meeting between Club Med France’s core team and Collins Residential has further solidified the project’s momentum. Murray Collins, CEO of Collins Residential, has outlined plans to initiate construction, with the goal of becoming operational by mid 2026. Beyond offering a luxurious escape, the resort will cater to corporate needs with a 500-seater conference room, addressing a significant gap in the market.

Collins emphasises the meticulous attention to detail considered in the planning phase, ensuring alignment with Club Med’s global best practices, local engagement, and a distinctive experiential approach. He stated, “This project is a meaningful step forward, and we take pride in being part of this catalytic initiative.”

Drawing on Club Med’s history of showcasing the value and unique attributes of each destination, Club Med Tinley will embrace a coastal tropical theme. Collaborating with local interior designers, the resort aims to integrate South Africa’s diverse culture and rich heritage into its holistic design and ambiance. From the selection of shower heads to the types of doors used, the brand-new resort’s design will be meticulously planned for enhanced overall operational efficiency. Local interior design companies will take the lead, working closely with Paris-based designers to bring KwaZulu Natal’s local flavour to life.

Flourishing Communities

The developments on the North Coast extend beyond tourism and education. Lalela Estate, a prominent player in the area, has launched its third phase of developer-completed home packages, offering residents the opportunity to own freehold land for R720 000 or a free-standing home for under R2.3 million. The goal is to welcome the first residents in the second quarter of 2024, which is less than two years after the commencement of the launch.

Zululami Luxury Coastal Estate has achieved remarkable success, selling over 92% of its single residential stands. Fast forward to the present, Zululami stands as a testament to perseverance and strategic development. With only 27 single residential stands left, the estate has exceeded expectations, showcasing 80 completed freestanding homes and over 100 occupied sectional title units. The commitment to building amenities before the first occupant moved in has paid off, with a magnificent wetlands clubhouse, sports pavilion and beach pavilion with gatehouse enhancing the community experience. The impact of a development such as this extends beyond land sales, contributing to local businesses and fostering economic growth. Based on actual transactions, since 2020, Zululami has achieved a year-on-year capital appreciation of 24% per annum and a median price increase from R2.1 million to R3.1 million on sectional title developments.

Another standout performer, Seaton Estate, has already achieved unprecedented success, with 222 out of 288 stands sold, including 75 sold in 2023 alone. The estate is gearing up for its first residents to move in, marking another milestone in its remarkable journey.

Infrastructure for Tomorrow

As these communities continue to grow, Collins Residential remains dedicated to advancing infrastructure development, unveiling plans for road upgrades aimed at alleviating traffic congestion. The Salt Rock upgrade initiative, a responsibility shouldered by Collins Residential as part of developer obligations, encompasses the implementation of traffic lights and the expansion of both Salt Rock and Sheffield Beach roads to mitigate congestion. While the introduction of speed bumps earlier this year has contributed to managing traffic flow, the presence of pointsmen remains essential during peak morning rush hours to minimise prolonged delays. The commencement of construction for the traffic lights and road expansion is scheduled for January, with the anticipated completion by June 2024. Stop-and-go sections will be implemented to facilitate the management of traffic build-up.

Geoff Perkins, Collins Residential’s Managing Director emphasises that this strategic investment in infrastructure reflects our unwavering commitment to establishing a sustainable, accessible, and contemporary community.

Catalyst for Growth

The vision for the North Coast is nothing short of remarkable, offering a blend of modern convenience and serene living. With the introduction of a mixed-use node, Club Med Tinley, and improved road infrastructure, the North Coast is poised to become a shining example of thoughtful urban planning and development.

North Coast residents not only have a place to call home but also a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive community to thrive in. These developments mark a historic moment, promising a harmonious blend of conservation, residential living, and educational excellence. With the Club Med venture acting as a catalyst for growth, tourism, and community development, the North Coast stands poised for a brighter future, making it the opportune time to invest in this burgeoning coastal paradise.