A Classroom without Walls

The Koppies

Schools are regular visitors to Melville Koppies and it’s no surprise why. From pre-schoolers to high school students, the Koppies offers it all.

Grade Rs can sharpen all their senses too. They can practise their motor skills hiking on uneven paths, challenge their eyes with the panoramic views and sharpen their ears to the sounds of nature: the bird calls and the silence. And they get a chance to feel the different textures of leaves, bark, soils and rocks or to smell the herby leaves of medicinal plants or the loamy soil in the forest. And if they’re lucky they could even experience some of the Koppies sweets: nectar from flowers or edible berries.

Even primary and high school students enjoy it. Melville Koppies brings history to life with its evidence of hunter-gatherers having lived here as well as the first farmers who also smelted iron. Even 19th century history with the Geldenhuys family’s attempt to strike gold is on display.

The Koppies is also a good place to see environmental education in action and is also a life science’s teacher’s delight. For geographers, the rocks go way back in time and give students a glimpse of what conditions were like and the first forms of life more than 3 billion years ago.

To find out how you can bring your school to Melville Koppies, contact Wendy on wendavid@mweb.co.za, 079 532 0083, www.mk.org.za  https://www.facebook.com/melvillekoppies