Silversea Cruises, pioneers in luxury cruising will unveil their wellness programme OtiumSM   on board the brand new Silver Dawn from March 2022.

In a nod to the cruise line’s Italian heritage, Otium takes inspiration from the leisurely nature of the ancient Roman lifestyle.  In Roman culture, Otium – the opposite of negotium, the non-existence of pleasure – was a time dedicated to leisure, in which people bathed, conversed, sung, theorised, drank, ate but most importantly, relaxed.

Completely diverging from the new age of wellness programmes, Otium encourages balanced indulgence.  From your luxurious, comfortable base at sea the focus is on pampering and pleasure over sacrifice and delayed gratification.  Built and designed on principals that wellness should be a natural, highly enjoyable focus of the day, especially while on vacation, Silversea have recognised that living well and being well and not mutually exclusive and that wellness need not be a solitary or silent experience, rather a social pursuit best enjoyed with others, yet in the very exclusive environment found on board these small, luxurious ships.

OtiumSM   will transform the way guests relax and enjoy their personal space.  An elevation of the already high levels of comfort, it will provide a customised, multi-dimensional wellness journey throughout the Silver Dawn, starting in some of the most spacious suites at sea, growing with a curated range of treatments in a reimagined spa and trickling out to permeate every moment of the cruise experience.

The key pillars of this new wellness programme include

The Otium Sleeping Experience.

A newly designed comfort mattress, a choice of pillows and finest Egyptian cotton linens.

The Otium Bathing Experience

With both a walk in shower and bathtub in all suites guests will be offered a multisensory bespoke bath experience for complete relaxation. Plush bathrobes, exclusive bath salts, soothing candlelight a specially curated musical playlist menu and a range of delicacies including caviar canapés, chocolate truffles and champagne.

The Otium Balcony Experience.

Enjoy the breathtaking views from the comfort of some of the most spacious balconies at sea. Tailored to the climate this curated pampering experience includes a warm cashmere blanket, a selection of delectable appetisers and the first hot chocolate menu at sea. In warmer climates stay cool with refreshing body mists, luxurious sun creams, delicious cocktails and gourmet bites.

The Otium Comfort Food Experience

Already known for the most luxurious culinary offerings at sea, Silversea guests can enjoy sustainable caviar and champagne on demand while Otium will introduce the addition of an in-suite comfort menu. Signature dishes will range from lobster and caviar in brioche rolls to a selection of gourmet popcorn just perfect if you choose a relaxing “night in”.

The Otium Spa Experience

A redesigned range of indulgent treatments, the sensuous spa experience will also include a stunning thermal area with champagne, signature snacks enriched with trademark ingredients from caviar to truffles. Rejuvenating treatments in the salon will complement this sensuous, indulgent and gratifying experience.

Silversea have long excelled at enabling guests to ‘travel deeper in luxury’. OtiumSM    will ensure that the guests can enjoy a fully holistic experience when travelling with Silversea to all corners of the globe.

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