CHANEL LE VERNIS 2023 Collection – Show Your True Colours


The House of CHANEL is making it loud and clear: colour has flair—the flair of the person wearing it.

With the latest edition of its 24-hue LE VERNIS range, which includes 17 new nail polish shades, CHANEL has issued a creative manifesto that puts the spotlight on colour as a way to satisfy every desire. 

This season, the CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio has proven that it has creativity at its fingertips; in revisiting the LE VERNIS line, it has designed a rich, expressive collection that matches every mood and every emotion.

It was envisioned as a language, conceived to reflect a style, like the detail that makes all the difference in a look. CHANEL explored the subtlest hues in its colour vocabulary to form the new palette, whose 24 shades range from vibrant to mysterious, giving every personality and every creative spirit a voice.

Because wearing fiery red, light pink, or khaki grey nails means stating exactly who you are at this very moment. Uncompromisingly. Unapologetically.