Over the past two decades, Grootbos has gone beyond simply conserving the pristine Cape Floral Kingdom, they are constantly researching, innovating and pioneering novel solutions to fundamental sustainability challenges, with a sustainability mindset embedded throughout the entire operation and an integral part of the Grootbos DNA. 

Following a recent on-site assessment and external audit, Grootbos has officially been certified as carbon-negative since 2018. A carbon-negative status is a testament to the dedication to the overarching conservation and sustainability vision.

This is an incredible milestone in the sustainability journey and while a carbon-negative status is a natural by-product of what the team inherently do, Grootbos is nonetheless excited to share this achievement and continue to pioneer ways to protect, conserve and uplift the environment and surrounding communities. 

At Grootbos, guests are encouraged to embrace the cooler winter days with heartwarming experiences, delicious wine and cuisine and luxurious accommodation that will leave you completely relaxed and rejuvenated

Whether you are in need of a mid-year break or want to take the family on an unforgettable winter adventure, Grootbos is the perfect destination for spending quality time together while creating treasured memories. There are so many reasons to visit them this winter and to top it off South African residents get up to 55% off their luxury stay during our Secret Season Special. This incredible offer is valid until 31 August 2021. Visit them here for more details.

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