Winter Offerings from Tryn and Bistro


Unveiling a Symphony of Steenberg Winter Flavours

A winter menu is an excellent way to provide guests with an authentic experience of a region’s local cuisine. It evokes visions of heart-warming and comforting dishes that nourish both the body and soul, such as savoury soups, stews, braised meats, and roasted root vegetables.

This winter, Kerry Kilpin, the Executive Chef of Steenberg’s Tryn restaurant and Bistro Sixteen82, presents a sensory feast featuring an abundance of fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, along with gratifying flavour combinations. You can indulge in this culinary delight through the three-course Winter Special Menu, which can be enjosteenberg

winteryed for both lunch and dinner at Tryn, Steenberg’s renowned fine-dining restaurant. Alternatively, you can opt for the Hearty & Homely Winter Lunch, available at Bistro Sixteen82, a contemporary culinary haven, with the choice of two, three, or four courses.

From tender pork roasts to creamy soups, succulent fish, and decadent desserts, all infused with bold spices and aromatic herbs, Chef Kilpin expresses particular enthusiasm for the Umami-glazed, ethically-sourced fish option available on the Hearty & Homely Winter Lunch menu at Bistro Sixteen82.

“Adding a playful touch to the menu, this fish dish is presented in an Asian style, accompanied by a steaming shiitake and dashi broth, a tender wakame salad, and topped off with Bonito flakes, also known as Katsuobushi. These delicate, dried fish flakes are feather-light, providing a burst of flavour and visual flair to your plate,” as Chef Kilpin elaborates.

Both winter menus offer a thoughtfully curated selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes, catering to diverse dietary preferences. Immerse yourself in a comforting variety of robust soups and relish the delightful crunch of perfectly cooked tempura vegetables, with each bite revealing a symphony of vibrant flavours. Additionally, for those seeking a delectable plant-based protein option, the menu proudly showcases tantalising quinoa fritters, infused with aromatic spices and wholesome ingredients.

Join us for a culinary journey that indulges your senses and embraces the comfort of the season. Experience the warmth and nourishment of winter dining at its finest.