TTk Fledgelings: Transforming Passion Into Culinary Excellence

TTK Fledgelings

In the striking and beautiful space once occupied by the renowned The Test Kitchen, a new culinary journey began in 2021 as TTK Fledgelings took flight. Born from a vision to empower individuals with boundless passion and determination but lacking formal chef’s or guest service training, TTK Fledgelings offers a unique opportunity to carve out a career in the world of hospitality.

With a steadfast commitment to in-service training, TTK Fledgelings talents are mentored and guided by Luke Dale Roberts and Head Chef Nathan Clarke.  This innovative approach sees our ‘Fledgelings’ immersed in the daily operations, learning the intricacies of the trade while contributing to the restaurant’s dynamic environment. Front-of-house staff, under the tutelage of experienced mentors, are coached to excel in hosting guests with a warm and professional touch. Each Fledgeling is employed full-time, receiving invaluable on-the-job training that sets the stage for their culinary and service journey.

“Our hope is to provide Fledgelings with a hands-on experience at the heart of a professional restaurant – be it behind the pass or out on the floor. It’s a deliberate, slow simmering process, not a rapid boil, to ensure that by the end, we produce seasoned chefs and talented service staff,” says Luke Dale Roberts.

TTK Fledgelings invites the diner to embark on a culinary adventure where dreams are not just envisioned but brought to life alongside some of the finest food that Cape Town has to offer. Expect an extraordinary dining experience featuring refined yet approachable cuisine, crafted with love and plated with passion.

For those seeking a transformative journey into the world of hospitality, TTK Fledgelings is the destination where aspirations meet expertise.

TTK Fledgelings is situated at The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town and open Monday – Saturday for dinner 18h00 to 22h00 and Thursday – Saturday for lunch from 12h00 – 13h30.  For reservations or more information call 021 447 2337 or visit