The Art of Duplicity Announces a Culinary Addition

The Art of Duplicity

The Art of Duplicity is ecstatic to announce that your favourite secret Cape Town speakeasy is set to serve culinary exceptionalism alongside its already renowned cocktails. Under the skillful leadership of the new ‘Sovereign of Flavour’, Serushia ‘Sush’ Naidoo, this gastronomic experience promises to be an adventure. 

What’s inspired me is that I finally got the chance to put my personality into my food creation,” says Sush. “A lot of tongue in cheek and just a little bit of sass! Coming from the bush and being able to have my hands on the best seafood and produce the country has to offer has allowed me to create this inventive, fun menu.”

Familiar favourites like the Niwatori Tea and the True Grit will now live alongside future staples like the delectable Caviar & Cauli and the exquisite Lobster Rolls. This fun-loving yet carefully curated menu is designed to complement the extensive range of cocktails, incorporating unconventional yet fresh flavours and cooking techniques to create a memorable dining experience. 

For the patron positioned in a wingback with a hankering for exquisite food and food experiences, what was owner David Donde to do? Enlist the help of a rising star in the business, of course. “Sush brings a talent for culinary creativity to a place that Capetonians and guests from around the world have come to rely on to satisfy their tastes for delicious, unexpected flavours,” says Donde.

The Art of Duplicity has also enlisted the services of the esteemed Dale Parker as Operations Manager, whose experience in running and launching some of the city’s most famous clubs ensures the speakeasy maintains its award-winning blend of prohibition-era glamour and modern sophistication.

After all, The Art of Duplicity prides itself on offering unique experiences to satisfied patrons with full hearts and glasses, while remaining Cape Town’s best-kept secret.

So, why don’t you find out what all the fuss is about for yourself? As you may or may not know, the Art of Duplicity is stowed away in the back of a renovated Victorian warehouse and is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 18:00. Book a table, obtain the password and address, follow the prompts, and transport yourself to a bygone era of clandestine drinking and dining with the bewitching, newly-added meals.

Slip in quietly and experience for yourself what a Cape Town speakeasy has to offer the world. Find the_art_of_duplicity on Instagram or make your reservation at