Saint Unveils Opulent and Theatrical Renovation Under the Creative Direction of Irene Kyriacou


Saint, the renowned luxury brand celebrated for its opulent and theatrical atmosphere is thrilled to announce its latest renovation project, a true embodiment of the brand’s essence. Led by Creative Director and Designer Irene Kyriacou, in collaboration with the innovative team at Black Line Group, this transformative renovation has beautifully captured the vibrancy, and luxury that truly defines Saint.

The refreshed design showcases a striking blend of colourful patterns, textures, and unparalleled extravagance that promises to dazzle and delight all who walk through the door. This enchanting renovation reflects Saint’s commitment to providing an immersive and unforgettable experience to its valued guests.

Highlights of the renovation include:

Hand Painted Florals: The bathrooms at Saint have been adorned with stunning hand-painted flower details, turning them into immersive works of art. Guests will be transported to a world of beauty and elegance as they step into these uniquely designed spaces.

Custom Couch Upholstery: The main dining area at Saint now features innovative custom couch upholstery that not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures utmost comfort for diners. This blend of style and functionality elevates the dining experience to new heights.

Brand new Bar Features: The bar area has received a complete makeover, introducing exciting new features that encourage guests to let their “hair down” and enjoy an evening of entertainment, dancing, and drinks. It’s the perfect place to socialise and create unforgettable memories.

A sophisticated selection of furniture and details:  Every piece of furniture and design detail at Saint has been carefully chosen to enhance the experience. From the new flooring to the impeccable selection of pieces, the attention to detail is evident throughout the space.

Irene Kyriacou, Creative Director and Designer, expressed her enthusiasm for the project saying, “Saint has always been synonymous with luxury, style, and entertainment. With this renovation, we’ve not only preserved the brand’s essence but have also elevated it to new heights. The result is an all-encompassing sensory experience that truly embodies the heart and soul of Saint.”

Saint invites all regulars and newcomers to experience this magnificent transformation. Whether you’re seeking a glamorous night out, a memorable dining experience or simply, a place to unwind and revel in opulence, Saint promises to exceed your expectations.