Haute Cabrière unveils the 2021 Haute Collection Vintages

Haute Collection Vintages

Haute Cabrière’s elegant and limited-release second-generation legacy range, The Haute Collection Vintages, continues to evolve and delight with the latest release of the 2021 vintage.

Showcasing the skill, creativity and pioneering spirit of Haute Cabrière’s founding family, the Haute Collection has been masterminded by Takuan von Arnim. Each vintage is released in very limited quantities with as few as 480 bottles available. This range is then the least known and publicised of Haute Cabrière’s wine ranges, earning a unique place in the hearts of dedicated Chardonnay and Pinot Noir fans who find it.

Following sold-out wines from the 2020 vintage, the 2021 release has been much awaited by those in the know. Crafted from meticulously selected vineyard blocks, the 2021 vintage celebrates the classic Burgundian varietals for which Haute Cabrière is known with a focus on: the phenomenal terroir of Franschhoek, the character of their Certified Old Chardonnay Vines planted in 1983, and the unique qualities of aging premium wines in traditional clay Amphorae.

Minimal intervention practices are followed for The Haute Collection Vintages wines, allowing the nature of the grape to shine. The Amphorae used is handmade in Italy and unlike oak, they do not impart any flavour of their own during the fermentation and aging process. This allows for a pure expression of the natural flavours of the fruit and the micro-climates within the chosen vineyard blocks within the wines.

Unlike most flagship ranges, the Haute Collection stands out amongst its peers as an elegant interpretation of premium wines with gently considered oaking. Unexpected in style, each wine is well-rounded, velvety soft, and sultry on the palate. A showcase of terroir, vintage, skill and beauty.