Gold Bar Whiskey: A Taste of American Excellence, Now in South Africa

Gold Bar Whiskey

Gold Bar Whiskey, an award-winning and globally-acclaimed American whiskey, announces its arrival in South Africa, bringing the taste of victory and the spirit of achievement to not only discerning whiskey enthusiasts, but to the chasers of success. Crafted with care and finesse in the heart of the San Francisco Bay, Gold Bar Whiskey has become a symbol of accolade-earned quality and refined smoothness.

An Award-Winning, Premium Blend 

Nestled beneath rustic Californian Redwood beams, Gold Bar Whiskey’s barrel rickhouse is where excellence is aged to golden perfection. This premium American whiskey is meticulously finished and double-matured in former wine barrels sourced from select wineries in the renowned Napa Valley. The result is a unique blend that captures the essence of unparalleled refinement and richness.

As a double-cask masterpiece where boldness meets the pinnacle of smoothness, Gold Bar Whiskey proudly wears the crown of accolades, including the prestigious ‘Double Gold’ from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, ‘Best in Show’ from the Denver International Spirits Competition, and ‘Gold’ from the Beverage Tasting Institute. With 94 Points in the Anthony Dias Blue/Blue Lifestyle, 93 Points in the New York International Spirits Competition, and 91 Points in the Proof Awards 2019, Gold Bar Whiskey stands as a revered masterpiece and a testament to the seamless blend of quality craftsmanship and taste.

The Lady of Fortune Coin 

At the heart of every bottle, lies the iconic ‘Lady of Fortune’ coin. This collector-grade treasure is hand-pressed onto every individual bottle, symbolising luck and prosperity. The Lady of Fortune stands as Gold Bar’s distinctive emblem, gracing each golden bottle and serving as a perpetual reminder of the untapped potential for achievement. Inspired by the spirit of this iconic figure, Gold Bar Whiskey goes beyond offering exquisite taste – it is a celebration of potential, accomplishment and personal growth.

Sip Ambition, Taste Victory 

Gold Bar is not just a drink – it’s an aspiration, a journey of ambition and achievement. Proudly extending its reach to South Africa, Gold Bar Whiskey invites enthusiasts and success seekers alike to sip on the essence of ambition and taste true victory. This award-winning American whiskey is now available for purchase from major retailers across South Africa with a RRSP of R1599-00.

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Crafted with finesse, honoured with awards and cherished for its distinctive character, Gold Bar Whiskey stands as a testament to the pursuit of excellence. Each bottle is more than a drink – it’s a toast to success, an acknowledgment of the journey and a celebration of life’s extraordinary moments.