From a Table Grape Farm to a Luxury Wine Estate

Lynx Wine Estate

Within the last five years Lynx Wine Estate has been developed from a Wine Farm with a wide range of award-winning wines, into a Wine Estate with a Guesthouse of 17 rooms and the newly opened Levante Restaurant lead by Chef Emile Fortuin. Emile and his team put all their heart and soul into the Levante cuisine which offers a tantalizing journey through the east of the Mediterranean, where traditional recipes meet modern innovation.

The aim is to source local, seasonal ingredients in an effort to contribute to the farm’s sustainability approach. The menu offers smaller & bigger plates with a focus upon tasty vegetables, pulses, and oriental spices. These dishes with exquisite spices pair extremely well with their Lynx Wines to transport the guests to a culinary bliss. Wine Pairing suggestions to each dish are indicated on the menu as well.

Levante is open daily for lunch seatings from 12h00-15h30 and is now also open for dinner Thursdays-Saturdays for seatings 18h00-19h30

Contact or +27 21 8670406 for bookings & enquiries for accommodation, wine tasting & lunch or dinner. Their wines can also be purchased via the Lynx Wine Estate online shop on their website: