@Deli Redefines Luxury Dining in the Heart of Sandton


In the heart of Sandton on Benmore Road you will find @Sandton-Hotel and @Sandton-Apartments as well as @Deli, where life is all about affordable luxury, gastronomic excellence and convenience. Carolina Rasenti is the culinary genius at the core of this unique gourmet destination.

If you’re keen to experience the very essence of passion, dedication, and mouthwatering culinary expertise, you’ll find it at @Deli! Deli & Procurement Manager, Carolina Rasenti (a chef by trade) lives, breathes, and eats the food and hospitality industry – read on to find out more about this culinary dynamo!

With a decade of experience under her toque, this superstar chef has been serving up delights in the restaurant industry, earning her stripes as a true culinary architect. From the frenetic dinner rush with 800 hungry customers demanding their dishes promptly, to orchestrating a harmonious symphony of kitchen departments to deliver perfectly cooked, top-notch meals simultaneously.

Chef Carolina is now sharing the culinary love as not only the Deli and Procurement Manager but is also the culinary brains behind the menu development at the magnificent @Deli located in the @Sandton mixed-use development on Benmore Road in Sandton overseeing an array of gastronomic delights that include weekly harvest tables, sushi, baked goods, and delectable charcuterie and cheeses.

She’s proven time and again that she’s got the right recipe for success with dishes which grace @Deli’s weekly harvest table transcending mere sustenance; they become unforgettable experiences that leave diners enchanted and wanting more. This festive season @Deli will stock perfectly glazed cooked gammon, succulent turkey and duck as well as a new range of bespoke local wines. The homemade mince pies are just like grandma used to make too and will be included in the Christmas gift boxes available from 1 December. You might want to order an extra one just in case…

But it’s not just about the food for this culinary maestro. Carolina knows that to run a tight ship, she must steer a crew that moves as one, and her exceptional leadership skills ensure that the kitchen operates like a well-oiled machine. A dash of discipline, a sprinkle of motivation, and a generous serving of camaraderie – that’s her secret sauce!

When asked about her philosophy, she confidently asserts, “Any challenge you put in front of me will be faced with determination, passion, and a hard work ethic.” And boy, does she deliver! She’s the epitome of a kitchen warrior, unafraid of the fiery trials that the culinary world throws her way.

So, if you’re in search of deli magic, look no further! This superstar chef is a creator of culinary dreams and an ambassador of taste. Next time you savour a delightful dish from @Deli, take a moment to appreciate the dedication and passion that go into crafting it. Behind every gastronomic masterpiece, there’s a culinary dynamo, and @Deli is lucky enough to have found one who’s simply sensational! So, raise your forks and toast to the @Deli where culinary excellence is being redefined, one plate at a time!