Boschendal’s Farmer Jason Carroll Recognised as Best in Country

Jason Carroll

Boschendal’s Livestock Manager Jason Carroll has been recognised as the National Cattle Farmer for 2023 at the Voermol Cattle Farmer of the Year Awards. This year marked the awards’ return since 2019 after a pandemic-induced hiatus.

Charles Edmonds, Managing Director of Farming at Boschendal, says: “Jason’s tireless work, innovation and undying commitment to regenerative farming practices have transformed the way we farm with livestock and has made an immense contribution to Boschendal’s broader regenerative efforts. We congratulate Jason on his well-deserved win and look forward to seeing him continue the stellar work he has been doing over the past few years.”

Carroll, widely known as ‘Farmer Jason’, has been at the forefront of driving change in Boschendal’s livestock farming practices, growing the farm’s Black Angus herd from 120 to between 500 and 700.

In line with Boschendal’s broader regenerative farming practices, Farmer Jason and his team utilise a farming model that is based on collaboration with the animals: the cattle graze at leisure in wide-open fields and in return their activity helps restore the soil, which is considered the farm’s greatest asset. The high-quality grass-fed beef is sold at the Boschendal online store and is a regular fixture at the farm’s famous restaurants.

Regenerative agriculture goes beyond sustainability by nurturing and restoring soil health, protecting the climate and water resources, and safeguarding biodiversity. It also reduces the use of water and other agricultural inputs, preventing land degradation and thereby increasing climate resilience, while making farming enterprises more productive and profitable.

The award follows Boschendal’s recent wins at the 2023 Cape Prestige Agri-Awards, where it won Best Performing Farm in the Franschhoek region, as well as several individual awards for Boschendal’s broader farming team. The farming team will also be doing the first GlobalGAP Environmental audit in Africa on the 27 November.

Boschendal is also the first farm in the Cape Winelands to be awarded the world-renowned environmental and animal welfare certification from A Greener World.

Tamara Patel, Chief Marketing Officer at Boschendal, says the farm has undergone significant rejuvenation, reinvention and refinement over the past few years. “Led by the ground-breaking work by our broader farming team, Boschendal has evolved into a landmark destination driven by the ethos of conservation and regenerative farming practices. We welcome guests from all over to come and live our farm with us, sharing in our conservation and regenerative successes.”

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