Unleash the Power of Guided Meditation and Abundance Manifestation

Jess Heslop

Wellness Morning with Jess Heslop

On March 4, 2024, Manifestation and Transformative-Mindset Coach Jessica Heslop, renowned for her guided meditations, will be hosting the inaugural Manifest Abundance Wellness Morning at Cavalli Estate from 9-11 am. The event, themed “Manifesting Abundance,” promises a unique and enriching experience for attendees seeking positive transformations in their lives.

Jess Heslop is a transformative mindset coach dedicated to empowering women on their journey to building 6-figure businesses. With a passion for manifestation, the law of attraction, and guided meditation, Jess brings a unique and holistic approach to her coaching.

In a world where self-worth is often underestimated, Jess is on a mission to help women recognise and embrace their true value. Through her coaching, she guides women to shift their mindset, unlock their potential, and manifest the success they deserve.

I want you to earn what you’re worth,” declares Jess Heslop, emphasising her commitment to seeing women thrive financially. Her coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that true empowerment begins with recognising and valuing oneself. With a deep understanding of the power of manifestation and the law of attraction, Jess helps women tap into their inner strength and create the life and business they desire. Jess empowers women to attract abundance, success, and fulfillment.

It’s about creating a transformative journey that leads to financial prosperity, personal growth, and a deep sense of self-worth. With her guidance, women can rewrite their stories, break through limitations, and confidently step into the realm of 6-figure success.

Jessica Heslop, with an impressive 80 million views across her two YouTube channels – Manifest by Jess and Sleep Time by Jess, has touched the lives of over 30 million individuals with her internationally acclaimed guided meditation sessions.

Participants will embark on a transformative journey led by Jessica Heslop, experiencing the power of guided meditation that has garnered international acclaim. With a track record of changing the lives of millions, Jessica’s session is designed to promote inner peace, mindfulness, and the attraction of abundance.

By utilising the power of Guided Meditation and Subconscious Mind-Reprogramming through guided meditation, you can activate the positive feelings and mindset required to successfully manifest the type of abundance you desire. By reprogramming your subconscious mind, you dissolve any blocks you might have in your belief system that have been stopping you from achieving your goals (replacing them with the positivity, self-belief, and confidence needed so you can manifest your chosen abundance,” says Heslop.

Event Details:

Date: March 4, 2024

Time: 9-11 am

Venue: Cavalli Estate, Somerset West

Admission: R500 per person, including a light snack and a beverage.

Please bring along your own yoga mat/towel and water bottle.

To grab your ticket to this transformative event, visit this link.
Seats are limited.