The Inaugural Capital Art Fair Tshwane

Capital Art Fair Tshwane

Capital Art Fair Tshwane (CAFT) is set to host what promises to be a dynamic event shaping the cultural landscape of Tshwane, in 2024 and beyond. Art connoisseurs and the public will have an opportunity to witness the transformation of Tshwane’s cultural narrative at the art fair taking place from 5 to 7 April at Menlyn Maine, Pretoria.

Hosting this extraordinary event in Pretoria, the political and cultural epicentre of South Africa, carries profound significance. It amplifies the capital city’s role as a central hub where diverse voices converge, where history is not only made but also depicted on canvases and sculpted in galleries. CAFT serves as a testament to Pretoria’s vibrant spirit, inviting the world to witness the cultural renaissance unfolding within the city’s boundaries. CAFT, in its bold spirit, seeks to bring the nation’s capital to the forefront of the global art conversation.

Themed ‘Intersections,’ CAFT is not just an art fair, it is a convergence of narratives, a collision of perspectives, and an exploration of uncharted artistic territories. With ‘Intersections,’ CAFT doesn’t just showcase art – it celebrates the fusion of tradition and rebellion, history and dissent, and global dialogue in a local setting.

More than 100 works from over 20 groundbreaking artists will redefine the boundaries of creativity, spanning the diverse mediums of painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, video, and performance. Some of the artists who will be part of the inaugural art fair include Arthur Dlamini, Anastasia Pather, Philiswa Lila, Collen Maswanganyi, Mark Swart, Sylvester Zanoxolo Mqeku, Mthuthuzeli ‘Sthu’ Manaka, Ivukuvuku and many others whose pieces collectors will find when they pop in to view the works on display at this groundbreaking art fair.

Patrons that attend will have the opportunity to absorb the works of these highly acclaimed contemporary artists, participate in engaging art activities and the public talks lined up, and interact with other art enthusiasts.

In an exceptional partnership with esteemed institutions such as Pretoria Art Museum, Javett-UP, Tshwane University of Technology Arts Department, and Brand South Africa, CAFT is poised to unveil the raw, unfiltered essence of the Tshwane art circuit.

Do not miss the chance to be part of shaping the new art narrative. Tickets are available for purchase on Webtickets.