RMB & Wilderness Ride for Rhinos 2024: Celebrating a Decade of Conservation

RMB & Wilderness Ride for Rhinos

Namibia’s expansive and diverse landscape formed the backdrop for the 2024 RMB & Wilderness Ride for Rhinos, a transformative expedition into the heart of Damaraland. From 5-9 June, 20 dedicated mountain bikers, accompanied by a seasoned crew, embarked on a four-day odyssey through varied terrains. 

The journey represents more than an adventure; it serves as a dedicated effort to raise funds and awareness for rhino conservation and the communities dedicated to protecting these iconic animals. With its primary focus on supporting Save the Rhino Trust Namibia (SRT) and Children in the Wilderness (CITW), the Ride for Rhinos has grown significantly since its inception in 2015. Established by Venture Media and backed by RMB Namibia and Wilderness, with technical support from CYMOT (Cycle & Motor Spares) the tour remains committed to ensuring a future for both Namibia’s black rhinos and nurturing upcoming generations of conservationists.

Led by experienced guide Johan Fourie, participants of the RMB & Wilderness Ride for Rhinos immersed themselves in Namibia’s rugged terrain, navigating challenging paths and resting each evening in wild camps set up daily for the participants. These moments fostered deep conversations about conservation, and underscored the stark contrast between the cyclists’ high-tech gear and the foot patrols of SRT rangers, who spend arduous 21-day shifts monitoring and protecting rhinos.

The culmination of the tour’s decade-long journey was a poignant celebration, gathering long-time supporters and partners such as Conrad Dempsey of FirstRand Namibia, Philip Chapman of RMB Namibia, Axel Theissen of CYMOT, Alex Henderson, Alexandra Margull and Agnes Tjirare of Wilderness and CITW, and Andrew Malherbe of SRT. “Our final evening gathering was about honouring the tour’s milestones, contributions to conservation, the spirit of camaraderie and the beauty of Namibia, all highlighted under a star-studded sky, said Agnes Tjirare-Kerii, Wilderness Namibia Impact Manager.

Born from a visionary collaboration between Rieth van Schalkwyk and Elzanne McCulloch, the Ride for Rhinos combines adventure tourism with a profound cause, harnessing Namibia’s natural beauty to drive awareness and action against rhino poaching. Partnering with Wilderness, the tour has grown into a beacon of conservation, uniting participants, sponsors and organisers in safeguarding Namibia’s wildlife heritage.

Beyond the adrenaline rush, the Ride for Rhinos catalyses tangible impacts: funds raised support SRT in their tireless efforts, while CITW empowers young Namibians to become stewards of their environment. As the 2024 event concluded, participants departed with renewed purpose, having experienced first-hand the extraordinary splendour of Namibia and their role in its conservation.

“Over the past decade, the Ride for Rhinos event has evolved from a cycling event into a celebration of conservation, community and the enduring spirit of adventure. Together, participants have ensured a legacy where Namibia’s black rhinos and wilderness will thrive for generations to come”, concluded Agnes.

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