Precious Thamaga-Mazibuko Talks Wedding Trends

Precious Thamaga-Mazibuko

If Young, Famous & African has taught us anything, it’s that Africans love an extravagant affair. Needless to say, when it comes to weddings, no expense is spared, no matter what one’s financial status. But what makes us unique, is the multi-faceted layers of culture, tradition, and Western influences. There’s nothing like a cookie-cutter experience and every detail is meticulously curated to a tee. Gastronomic banquets, spectacular entertainment, premium spirits, and Haute couture are just some of the essentials of a luxury African wedding.

Precious Thamaga-Mazibuko (AKA, Precious the Planner) is regarded as one of Africa’s top and sought-after weddings & event designers and will be sharing some top trends the uber wealthy pan-African couples (and their guests) expect when tying the knot. In her experience, Precious describes planning these lavish weddings as nothing short of a full-scale production.

In the quest for a wedding that truly makes a statement, pan-African brides and grooms are seeking more than just a lavish event; they desire a symbol that reflects their unique cultural heritage and personal style.

They are in pursuit of momentous occasions that embodies both the timeless allure of love and the rich tapestry of African traditions.

Precious is renowned for her Masterclass Program called, “The Art of Planning”, and will be speaking at this years “Wedding Show”, held at Sandton City on 15 & 16 July.

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