LAMTA’s Spring Awakening Comes to Cape Town & Johannesburg

Spring Awakening

The ‘Luitingh Alexander Musical Theatre Academy’ (LAMTA) presents the highly anticipated musical ‘Spring Awakening’. This groundbreaking musical garnered 8 Tony Awards on Broadway.

Set in late 19th century Germany, the musical follows a group of students on their journey to adulthood, exploring sexuality, self-discovery and rebellion against oppressive societal norms. Under the visionary direction of Sylvaine Strike, ‘Spring Awakening’ fearlessly delves into provocative themes with the talented cast bringing the raw emotions of their characters to life through stunning musical numbers, spanning various genres.

Niall Griffin’s design elements, including set, costume, and lighting, create a beautiful and immersive world. Musical Direction by Amy Campbell and choreography by Anna Olivier and Naoline Quinzin, further elevate the production with innovative and original style.

LAMTA’s “Spring Awakening” challenges traditional musical theatre boundaries, promising an unforgettable and transformative theatrical experience. 

Tour dates:

CPT: Theatre On The Bay from 8 March to 6 April.

JHB: Pieter Toerien’s Montecasino Theatre from 12 April to 5 May.

Directed by Sylvaine Strike | Design by Niall Griffin


Heart Of Theatre – “Musical of the year!”

BroadwayWorldSA – “Flawless… a masterpiece!”

Theatre Scene Cape Town called it a “hit production!”

Keith Bain called the show, “A soaring triumph!”