Have your Eyes Opened


Everyone knows that gold is what initially brought hundreds of people to Johannesburg in the 1880s. But people had been living here for thousands of years before that. And just close to the city centre at Melville Koppies, you have a chance to see proof of their existence and learn how they lived.

You can hold the tools of San/Bushmen hunters in your hand, imagine them planning their hunt from one of their encampments and be amazed at how the first farmers of Johannesburg coupled their farming expertise with knowing how to smelt iron from iron-bearing rocks. Even an attempt at gold exploration is still visible.

Book a guided tour (R100 per adult) to open your eyes. Or enjoy Melville Koppies other treasures: R90 adults; R50 U18; R500 season ticket for a year. Take a map and explore at your own pace, poetry reading second Sunday of the month with Rabbie Seremula at 10am in the lecture hut; 8km-hike, last Sunday of the month. Melville Koppies is open Sunday mornings 8-11.30am.

Team-building groups/school groups can also be arranged. All funds used to maintain the Koppies.

More details: 079 532 0083

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