Experience the Perfect Fusion of Playful Luxury and Sporting Excellence at the Heineken All-Invitational Inanda Polo

Heineken All-Invitational Inanda Polo

The Heineken All-Invitational Inanda Polo in association with Mercedes-Benz, QMS Medicosmetics and L’Or Espresso is back, and it’s about to rewrite the playbook of elegance and thrill. On Sunday, 17 September, the prestigious Inanda Polo Club in Sandton, will transform into a playground of excitement that blends “playful luxury” with the exhilarating world of polo.

This year, the Heineken All-Invitational Inanda Polo is shaking things up by introducing a mixed doubles tournament format. Picture this: two women and two men players teaming up in an unprecedented display of skills and teamwork. This will make for a tournament with strategy, camaraderie, and dazzling action that’s poised to redefine the sporting landscape.

“We are thrilled to present the All-Invitational Inanda Polo showdown that not only showcases the finesse of the sport but also embodies the values of diversity, the spirit of springtime, and the beauty of synergetic partnerships. The Heineken All-Invitational Inanda Polo in association with Mercedes-Benz, QMS and L’Or Espresso will be a true reflection of how different strengths, industries, and vibrancies can come together in perfect harmony, much like the players and their horses on the polo field,” says Craig James, Inanda Club Manager. “This year’s theme, “Playful Luxury”, is all about celebrating the finer things in life while embracing the joy of the unexpected. We are inviting guests to indulge in the thrill of polo while being immersed in an ambiance of relaxed opulence.”

The Inanda Polo Club, nestled against the vibrant Sandton skyline, provides a canvas for this spectacular event. The lush fields set the stage for high-speed chases and awe-inspiring displays of athleticism, all while guests revel in a world where luxury meets playfulness.

Join them on Sunday, 17 September at the Inanda Polo Club for an unforgettable day of “playful luxury” and exhilarating sportsmanship. www.howler.co.za/inandapolo

Entry packages range from R 150 for General Access to R750 per person for a dedicated picnic area starting with a minimum of 5 people. Hospitality and ticketing will be limited and no ticket purchases will be made available on the day. Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets ahead of the event to avoid disappointment. Secure your tickets and picnic sites by visiting: www.howler.co.za/inandapolo

Paint the town in “playful luxury” and polo prowess – the Heineken All-Invitational Inanda Polo awaits!