Always Better Together


Humans are social animals. Most of us are happier and more successful if we live and interact with others. The same goes for many plants. A ground orchid, commonly known as a green wood orchid or moederkappie, is flowering on Melville Koppies now. It has delicate whitish-greenish petals, nothing like the showy ones in the shops.

It cannot survive without the fungus that surrounds it in the ground. The fungus provides water and nutrients to the orchid’s roots. The orchid in turn sends down food that it makes through photosynthesis to nourish itself and the surrounding fungus. It relies on hawkmoths to pollinate it.

Visit Melville Koppies quickly before the moederkappie orchids are over. Open Sunday mornings between 8am and 11.30am. Join a guided tour at 8am to learn more about why Melville Koppies is both a nature reserve and heritage site or do the self-guided heritage trail. Challenge yourself on the 5km trail (twice if you’re up to it) or just meander at your own pace along the many paths. Suitable for all ages.

Safe parking (opposite the Melville Koppies entrance) at Marks Park Sports Club in Judith Road, Emmarentia. Security on the Koppies is provided. R90pp, R50 for U18; season ticket for a year per adult – R500 (not transferable). All income is used for maintenance of the Koppies.

More details, 079 532 0083,