Take a Child to the Theatre in March with ASSITEJ SA and Soweto Theatre


ASSITEJ (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) runs an ongoing, global campaign called “Take a Child to the Theatre Today”, which has found particular resonance in South Africa, given that the majority of children in our country do not have access to theatre.

Centred around the World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People (20th March), the campaign invites artists, companies, theatre houses, education and the general public to join together in giving children and young people access to theatre on this day, or at any point during the year. The campaign aims to combat the poverty of imagination that is so evident in our society by recognizing the potentially transformative role of the arts in the lives of children and young people.

The Soweto Theatre contributes to this campaign through producing world class theatre shows thereby creating access and opportunity for the youth surrounding Soweto. The programmed activities that will form part of 2023 Take a Child to Theatre campaign at the Soweto Theatre will kick off from 20th-24thof March. This feast of festivities range from dance workshops, story-telling and book giveaway, a career day for Gr 11 & 12 students who may be looking at getting into the performing arts industry, doll-making workshops, a disability awareness play performed by students from the Johannesburg Society for the Blind as well as music performance and picnic by our very own Music Tuition Programme: Youth Orchestra featuring Maharishi Institute Choir and Nothando ‘’Noter’’.

Theatre is the single most valuable place where kids can explore the endless possibilities of their imaginations and what they can do. Without this space, children not only miss an amazing artistic experience, but they lose the chance to experience an endless amount of learning opportunities.  The Take a Child to Theatre Campaign also encourages creativity, culture, communication, patience, morals, and imagination, an afternoon at the theatre is something that cannot be overlooked”, says Makhosazana Hlatshwayo, Youth and community developer at Soweto Theatre. 

Below is what the Theatre has curated for your Child for this month: 

  • Joburg City Theatres Career Day- 20 March
  • Story and Breath by Baeletsi – (ASSITEJ)- 20 March
  • Human Rights Day picnic with – Maharishi Institute Choir and Nothando ‘’Noter’’ 21 March
  • Zinza projects – The Stories we see – disability awareness play

In collaboration with the Johannesburg Society for the blind and Johannesburg Child Welfare Thembalethu Play projects – 22 March

  • Mandelwa Libali – Story-telling and book giveaway ASSITEJSA- 22 March
  • Dance workshop and performance – with Nomsa Manaka- 23 March
  • Doll making workshop – Nonki Nice Plush Toys – 23 March
  • Lits’omong senior group performance- 24 March
  • Doll making workshop – Nonki Nice Plush Toys – 24 March