Latitudes x Salon Kewpie Benefit Auction

Salon Kewpie

Latitudes Online is thrilled to partner with the Salon Kewpie: The Legacy Project initiative to raise much-needed funds for The Legacy Ball.

Salon Kewpie, in collaboration with The District Six Museum and the GALA Queer Archive, has developed a groundbreaking educational programme that aims to upskill and empower gender non-conforming youth from areas intrinsically linked to the forced removals from District Six.

Ten incredible artists have donated work to raise funds for this initiative: Lionel Davis, Marsi van de Heuvel, Oliver Scarlin Chennells, Jody Brand, Haneem Christian, Stephané Conradie, Ben Orkin, Dominique Cheminais, Githan Coopoo and Nanna Venter.

The timed auction will be available on Latitudes Online from 17 – 26 April 2024.

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More about Salon Kewpie: The Legacy Project

Salon Kewpie: The Legacy Project connects contemporary ballroom culture with a rich historical archive that captures the life of Kewpie – a celebrated hairdresser, onstage performer and iconic queer figure from the Apartheid era, who has come to be known as the Daughter of District Six. Long-since scattered, District Six is remembered for its unique spirit of place. This was a society that valued diversity and had a thriving and beloved queer community in spite of prevailing governmental oppression. The photographs that comprise the Kewpie collection reinforce our understanding of this lesser-known aspect of District Six’s history as an extraordinary place where gender non-conforming people were largely accepted, with the right to express themselves as they wished.

Through the lens of the relationship that existed between a trans feminine heroine and the value system of their hometown community, Salon Kewpie is able to utilise ballroom culture as a restorative platform for the experience of marginalised bodies. This year Salon Kewpie is embracing the theme VISIBILITY in honour of the courage and insistence Kewpie and their community displayed in the acceptance, nurture and celebration of diverse gender expression.

As well as community leaders and elders, Salon Kewpie workshop facilitators are industry experts in academic and activism arenas, mental health and safety, the history and fundamentals of ballroom, and professional drag artistry. The programme experience is designed to be restorative, healing, and affirming.

More about Latitudes

Latitudes launched as a physical art fair in 2019, and has since evolved into an integral player in the African art industry. The all-women team runs an online marketplace for art from Africa, a physical art fair, an art podcast, a series of mentorship programmes and an art award, all with the common goal of creating voices for independent artists and connecting artists with collectors. Latitudes challenges how art can be seen, experienced, and purchased, making the process more inclusive, less intimidating, and ultimately enjoyable for collectors.

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