Art Unleashed: Baz-Art Marks 7th Anniversary with Pioneering Interactive Art Trail, Celebrating a Decade of Public Art


As Baz-Art turns seven, the organisation proudly celebrates its rich history of artistry and community engagement by launching an Interactive Art Trail, featuring the most compelling works created over the past decade. This celebration is made possible with the support of Business and Arts South Africa (BASA) and Arte-Mea, who have been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.

Since its inception in 2016, Baz-Art has been at the forefront of nurturing Africa’s public art scene. With a steadfast belief in the communicative power of art, Baz-Art has curated public art installations that do more than beautify spaces—they spark dialogue and bring communities together.

One of Baz-Art’s crowning achievements is the International Public Art Festival (IPAF), which, since 2016, has grown to become the leading public art event on the continent. The festival has graced Cape Town with over 70,000 square metres of public art, making a bold statement about the city’s cultural vibrancy.

Celebrating this year’s milestone, Baz-Art introduces the Interactive Art Trail across 10 curated locations. Each site is marked by plaques and QR codes, allowing passers-by to delve into the stories behind the artworks, learn about the artists, and understand the production process. This initiative significantly increases information accessibility, one of Baz-Art’s key objectives.

Works include ‘Pangolin’ by Roa & Baz-Art for IPAF 2021, ‘Mami’ by Aches & Baz-Art for IPAF 2023, and ‘Black is Love’ by Richie Madyira & Baz-Art for IPAF 2023. These artworks are not only visual treats but also narratively rich pieces that engage with themes of the environment, local history, the essence of Cape Town, and the celebration of its people.

“We founded Baz-Art on the pillars of community, urban art, and education,” says Baz-Art’s Director, Roshana Naidoo. “These are not just concepts; they are the robust foundations we’ve built over the years. Our mission has always been to make the stories behind these artworks openly accessible, and this Interactive Art Trail is the embodiment of that vision.”

The Art Trail showcases a diverse range of artistic styles from local and international artists, providing insights into the themes and meanings of the works, and inviting the public to ponder questions raised by the art. It firmly reinforces the idea that art is not a luxury for a few but a treasure for all to enjoy.

Baz-Art extends its heartfelt gratitude to BASA and Arte Mea. Their support has not only fostered a deeper connection between the business and arts sectors but has also opened up new avenues for collaboration and growth.

Says BASA Marketing Manager, Sinenhlanhla Mdiya: “The launch of the Interactive Art Trail is a testament to Baz-Art’s commitment to making art accessible and engaging for all South Africans. BASA’s purpose is to elevate and amplify initiatives that bridge the gap between business and the arts — and the Interactive Art Trail both showcases the incredible works of artists as well as demonstrating the transformative power of arts, culture and creativity.”

The public is encouraged to participate in this unique experience. For those interested in a more guided exploration, tours can be booked, and free maps are available at the City Centre or Salt River.

Keep your eyes peeled for the plaques and QR codes—scan, explore, and be part of the art story that is Baz-Art.

For more information, to book a tour, or to access free maps, visit Baz-Art’s website.

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