Art & Rhino Conservation: Unveiling a Fundraising Initiative Through a Creative Partnership at the V&A Waterfront

Emerging Artists Development Trust

The Emerging Artists Development Trust (EADT) has introduced a remarkable collaboration at the intersection of art, wildlife, and philanthropy, aiming to raise awareness and funds for two charitable causes: saving rhinos and supporting emerging artists. This entertaining project will have a temporary presence at the renowned V&A Waterfront and promises a unique fusion of artistic brilliance and conservation efforts that will resonate with art enthusiasts, fashionistas, and wildlife conservationists.

The EADT initiated this colourful project that revolves around a series of 50cm large rhino sculptures. These blank rhino canvases were entrusted to a select group of 15 artists from across South Africa, allowing them to infuse these majestic creatures with their unique styles and visions. The Artists Gallery in Cape Town, a gallery co-founded and run by artists, assisted in the selection process of the artists.

Under the guidance of visionary Barbra Lenhard and curator Florian Gast, known for various successful fundraising initiatives and brilliantly executed events, fifteen chosen artists joined the ARTFUL RHINOS project. Amongst others, renowned artists Cornè Theron, Claude Chandler, Sarah Danes Jarrett, Fadiel Hermans, Sara Gaqa, Andrew Ntshabele, Jaime Danielle Smith, Androetta Bekker and Moeketsi Moahloli were chosen to transform the rhino sculptures into captivating masterpieces.

Once-off Rhinos, Infinite Impact

The exclusivity of this collaboration is further emphasized by the introduction of the once-off ‘Pop-Up T-Shirt Station’ at the V&A Waterfront. Visitors can purchase t-shirts or hoodies adorned with their favourite rhino artwork. The production of these wearable artworks will be conducted on-site at a dedicated printing station, providing patrons with the unique opportunity to witness the creation of their selected apparel.

The proceeds from this initiative will be equally divided between two noble causes – rhino conservation and the Emerging Artists Development Trust. The time-limited production of the wearable prints highlight the rarity and collectible nature of this campaign, ensuring that patrons become proud owners of not just art but a piece of impactful history for conservation as well as emerging artists.

Created by a wonderful group of artists, the ARTFUL RHINOS will benefit upcoming talents through the EADT.

Save the Rhinos, Support Emerging Artists

This captivating pop-up station, situated on the first floor of Lampside Court, adjacent to Col’Cacchios and Sunglass Hut, will run from January 7th to January 28th. It offers a haven for art lovers and conservationists, inviting them to immerse themselves in the beauty of art while contributing to two charitable causes by purchasing t-shirts and hoodies.

To learn more about the Emerging Artists Development Trust and this initiative, reach out to Barbra Lenhard at

ARTFUL RHINOS – Supporting Conservation & Empowering Artists

Lampside Court, V&A Waterfront

7 – 28 January 2024 and online at